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The 10 Best Electric Motorcycles in Indonesia in 2022

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OTO-BIKESJOGJA.COMThe automotive factory then grew and lately there have been various types of electric motors which are predicted to be the motors of the future that promote better power and strong energy. Electric motors are also area friendly, because they do not produce emission of measles gas that causes pollution. Therefore, electric motors do not have an exhaust and do not produce sound. The reason is that the power it has comes from a rechargeable battery.

There are lots of electric motors that have been promoted at a price of tens of millions to hundreds of millions. Technology greatly affects the cost, so don’t be confused if the price of the best electric motorbike on earth reaches hundreds of millions of rupiah. But the automotive industry in the country does not remain silent, and offers several types of economical electric motors that we can have for under 20 million Rupiah. Now to identify the best and cheapest types of electric motors in Indonesia, please follow the data below.

World’s Best Electric Motorcycle Records


Many people think that electric motors are very surefire. However, this is not legal for the Lightning LS-218 which has successfully achieved a top speed record of 30.8 kilometers or hours. As a result, the Lightning LG-218 becomes the fastest electric motor on earth and can compete against conventional motors in general. Not only lightning, this motorbike also has a power of 200 horsepower and 227 Nm of torque. The design looks very sporty and is enhanced by Ohlins’ interrupts on the front and rear.


A futuristic concept with a variety of cutting-edge features is an important advantage of the best electric motorbike on this earth. The cost itself exceeds 1 billion rupiah, because it is made exclusively with carbon fiber material. For its own performance, it can accelerate from 0-100 kilometers in 4 seconds and has a maximum dexterity of 193 kilometers or hours. When the battery is fully charged, the best electric motor on earth can cover a distance of 297 kilometers. Not only that, there are also touch screen features, keycard ignition, and height-adjustable seats.


The thing about the best electric motors on earth is the material. The reason is that Apworks Light Rider uses a Scamallow material which is guaranteed to be anti-corrosion and has a strength comparable to Titanium. Its weight is very light, because it is designed with a bicycle-like body shape. There is also a weight of only 35 kilograms and can fast forward with a maximum dexterity of 80 kilometers or hours. Instead, make the battery mileage reach 59 kilometers. This motorbike is made in a limited way, so don’t be confused if the cost exceeds 700 million rupiah.


Energica is an Italian automotive industry. They have the Energica of the inner personality which has a maximum speed of 241 kilometers or hours. The performance is very fast and can advance from 0-100 kilometers in 3 seconds. Its performance matches the price of the best electric motorbike on this one. Where the cost is valued at USD $ 35. 000 or if we rupiah it exceeds 460 million Rupiah. Not only that, this motorbike also has a mileage of 149 kilometers with a consistent dexterity of 80 kilometers or hours

  1. BRUTUS V9

This best electric motorcycle originated from the United States Syndicate. This motorbike offers a gahar concept, like a Harley Davidson. The cost reaches $ 32,490 (Rp 430 million) and can go fast with a maximum speed of 185 kilometers or hours. The power released is also very large, because it can break 125 Horsepower. On the other hand, make the mileage reach 265 kilometers in one battery charge. As a result, the Brutus V9 is one of the best electric motors with the best battery energy efficiency.


When the battery is fully charged, this best electric motor can cover a distance of 225 km. The design looks very sporty and can produce power of 54 Horsepower and torque of up to 82 Nm. The machine makes it able to advance very quickly with maximum dexterity reaching 160 kilometers or hours. The best electric motorbike from America is also assisted by a very light weight, which is 213 kilograms.

  1. Empty SR

We can get this best electric motor in Indonesia. The reason is that Empty has sold its products legally in Indonesia. It can be said that the Blank SR is the best electric motorcycle in Indonesia, because it offers a futuristic concept. Make your own costs promoted in Indonesia at a price of 309 million to 359 million. The cost is very expensive, because the best electric motor on earth offers state-of-the-art technology that allows it to advance with a maximum dexterity of 164 kilometers or hours. On the other hand, its power reaches 70 Horsepower and 157 Nm of torque.


This electric motor looks different from the other best electric motors on earth. Alas

The Redshift MX is designed as an off-road motorbike that is ready to bulldoze various areas of the track. The maximum dexterity of this motorbike reaches 104 kilometers or hours and has a torque of 162 Nm and a maximum power of 40 Horsepower. Performance continues to be perfect with a light weight which in total weighs 121 kilograms. After that the price question, the Redshift MX is priced at USD $ 14. 995 or if we rupiah it reaches Rp. 199. 3 Million.

  1. VIAR Q1

This electric motorbike has been promoted in Indonesia at a very affordable price, which is around 16.2 million Rupiah. Although economical, but Viar offers electric engine technology raised by Bosch, so we don’t need to doubt its quality. The maximum speed of the best electric motor on earth reaches 60 kilometers or hours and we can use to drive 70 kilometers on a single battery charge. Even though the Viar Q1 is a product created by Indonesia, the quality is of international level


Gesits is an electric motorcycle from Indonesia. This bike is ready to beat the Viar Q1 by adopting more advanced technology and the price is not too economical. According to information, the price of the electric motorbike from Indonesia does not exceed 20 million Rupiah, and it is claimed that it can be used to drive 80-100 kilometers with one battery charge. The design is also characteristic and has the appearance of an engine comparable to a 125cc automatic motorbike that can advance quickly with dexterity reaching 100 kilometers or hours.

So, those are the 10 best electric motorcycles on earth and in fact in Indonesia. All of them offer state-of-the-art technology that makes them very efficient and have an appearance comparable to conventional motorbikes that use fossil fuels. Unfortunately some of the best types of electric motors on earth are very expensive and are generally not promoted in Indonesia. As a result, you can only buy an Empty electric motorbike, Viar Q1, and Gesits if you are looking for the best economical electric motorbike in Indonesia.

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